Monday, June 15, 2015

Paying Dues and Tackling To-Dos

It's going to be a short week because I have a convention this weekend (ApolloCon in Houston), and it will be a busy week because there's a lot of stuff I need to do to get ready for it. I'm doing some critiques for the writers workshop, I need to find a piece to read, and I have some promo material to put together. Meanwhile, there's some other business stuff to take care of and the usual shopping/laundry/planning/packing.

I did decide to go to WorldCon because I figure it's more exposure, even if it's just exposure to other people who run conventions. So far, I have one panel, but they haven't yet finalized readings, autographings or the children's and YA tracks. If I could get on the YA track, that would be lovely. I suppose I'm still in the "paying my dues" part of my career. Is it tacky of me to think it would be fun if I happen to hit big with this new book so that they suddenly want to scramble to feature me a little more? I guess it would be fun to hit big with the new book, regardless.

So, buy the book! Tell all your friends!


Anyway, it was nice to have a semi-relaxing weekend. I caught up on some things I've been putting off while working on the book. I did some cooking. I was planning to do a lot of reading because a book I had on hold at the library came in. But when I opened it to read, I was smacked in the face by a cloud of cigarette smoke. I guess the last patron to have it checked out was a heavy smoker. I've only had one that bad once before, so this must be an impressive achievement. So it's currently in a baggie with a dryer sheet and some baking soda in the freezer (all methods that are said to work, so I figured why not try them all together?). Then maybe I'll be able to read it without coughing and wheezing. The way that book smelled, I wouldn't even take it into my bedroom.

And now I suppose the work week has begun and I need to get on the to-do list.

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