Friday, June 05, 2015

Almost there (Maybe)

I made a ton of progress yesterday, but I'm still nowhere near the end of the story. Stuff keeps happening. I imagine there will be a lot of cutting in the middle, but that's good for the book. Tighter is better.

And to think, when I started this book I wasn't sure I'd have enough plot to fill a novel. The scene that takes place at the 3/4 mark now (for now, based on my earlier length projections -- it may end up being a halfway point) was initially in the first third of the book.

I had high hopes of being done with this draft by last night, then getting a weekend off before doing revisions. I guess not. Maybe, just maybe, if I'm really good today and tonight and then tomorrow, I might finish this week.

There also may be more rewriting than I thought there would be, since the latest realization of what's going on means I can cut out a lot of side trails, but then that means that some pivotal scenes will need rewriting.

I will never be done with this book!< /whine>

At least I have the "movie" of the next two scenes playing out in my head already, so I know a lot of what I need to write today. The big, climactic scene is remaining a blank so far, though.

Before I start work today, I need to make a quick errand/grocery run. I'm going to indulge myself and get some frozen stuff for meals so I don't have to take long meal breaks.

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