Friday, June 26, 2015

Battery Backup

My new garage door opener is currently being installed. Not having a functioning one has only been a minor inconvenience this week, as I only went out for groceries, but it would have been a real pain early Sunday morning to have to open the door manually, then back out, put the car in neutral with the parking brake on, run around and close the door manually before driving away. This thing is going to be very fancy. It has sensors and apps and stuff. I likely won't use the apps because I suspect they need your home WiFi for that, and even if I had WiFi, the garage is far enough from the house that it wouldn't be in range. Mostly, I got the fancy model for the battery backup. Apparently, the one I have was really cheap and poor in the first place, the kind of thing you pick up at the hardware store and install yourself, and it looks like someone did that without having much of a clue. The one I'm getting is more professional grade. It'll be a nice selling point for the house, when I get around to selling.

I finished the round of interviews yesterday and am now working on guest posts, which makes me feel less egocentric because I'm talking about stuff other than me. The prompts I have so far are about stuff that inspires me and stuff that inspired this book. That's easy. Though picking any one inspiration is a bit of a challenge. The inspiration for the book was a cascading series of events, but I think I can narrow it down to one or two things -- a book and a photo.

I have a weekend ahead of me with nothing scheduled other than a solo in the early service on Sunday (that I need to practice). I need that after last weekend. The plan is a night of TV on the sofa this evening, then breakfast (including some of the new batch of homemade jam) on the patio (if it's stopped raining by then -- we're supposed to get rain overnight) in the morning and a day of reading. The smoky library book finally aired out enough that I can read it, though I'm not bringing it into my bedroom. There may be a walk in the afternoon or evening, since it's supposed to be cooler tomorrow. I might do some work, but just reading some reference books and brainstorming.

I definitely need to recharge my own battery backup, since the rest of this summer will involve a lot of public events. They're fun, but they take all my energy. It's probably for the best that I didn't get invited to the convention going on this weekend. It would have taken all kinds of willpower to drag myself out again so soon.

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