Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Becoming Moderately Famous

I have survived yet another convention. These are really draining for me because they involve being around people, having to be witty and friendly while being around people, having to have clever things to say in front of an audience, and having that ongoing "am I where I'm supposed to be at the time I'm supposed to be?" worry. It's fun work and beats any business trip I've ever taken in my old job, but it's still work. This one had added "fun" with some transportation drama that required changes of plans.

As a result, I'm kind of a brain-dead zombie today. I've talked to my parents on the phone, but otherwise will likely avoid all human contact, even if that requires foraging in the freezer to find something to eat for dinner. I'd love to spend the day sleeping, but I now have a lot of work to do to get ready for the new book release.

Oh, I was asked for pictures of The Precious. Here's a snapshot I took when I got it:

I've got blog tours booked, so I need to get going on the guest posts and interviews. And somewhere in all this, I need to revise the book I've been working on.

Still, it was kind of fun spending the weekend being moderately famous. A lot of my books sold in the dealers room, so I didn't feel useless during my autograph session (I got almost no knitting done!). Someone said I was mentioned in a panel I wasn't on, which is a nice measure of fame, if your works are being cited as examples even when you're not present. I'm assuming it was a positive reference. I was one of the mentors for the writers' workshop, and I think I was able to provide good feedback (that made me want to take another look at my own work). So, all in all, a good convention. I just need a teleporter. I've decided that if I'm ever making JK Rowling levels of stupid amounts of money, I'll start traveling via private jet -- my own little pod that gets me places quickly without dealing with people. Then I'll have the mental/emotional energy to deal with people in the parts that matter.

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