Thursday, June 18, 2015

It's a Real Book!

It's going to be one of those "I have sooo much to do!" days, helped somewhat by the fact that I have my semi-annual AC service today, supposedly sometime between noon and 2, but I just got the "he may be running a little late" call, so probably between 2 and 3. That means a lot of time stuck sitting around, during which I should be accomplishing things, and I should also manage to get some cleaning done, since I'm one of those people who feels the need to clean the house before a service person comes over.

I do have a few errands left to run, but I got my shopping trip out of the way Tuesday before the tropical storm hit. I may have finally solved my comfortable dressy black flats problem. I found some that are the ballet flat style, more or less, with a toe that comes up high enough on the foot (my main problem with most shoes right now), and there's memory foam in the insoles, so they offer a lot of cushion. Plus, there are elastic strips across the top, like my real ballet slippers, which means the heels are probably less likely to rub as the shoes slip up and down. I'll put them to the test this weekend.

Yesterday's excitement was getting my very first copy of the new book. It's so pretty. I think it will jump off shelves, whether face-out or spine-out. I just hope it makes it onto some shelves. I haven't heard anything about bookstore orders. But it is a real book that exists! If I remember, I'll bring it with me to ApolloCon so everyone can ooh, ah, and admire. While wearing gloves, of course.

And no, I did not sleep with it. I didn't even keep it on my nightstand. It spent the night on my desk.

Now I need to finish cleaning my house, bake some cookies, do some critiques, prepare a reading selection, and make some wardrobe decisions.

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