Friday, September 30, 2016

Ridding the Land of Evil

I made it through copyedits yesterday. The next round is proofreading, which I'll probably start tomorrow. Today is for dealing with business stuff and research on the new book.

But also, since it's a pleasant day, I think it will be a picnic lunch kind of day. They finally re-opened the park that got damaged by floods, so I may walk over there and check it out. The places to sit by the river are still closed (since the river is currently filling up those spots), and it's still too warm to get off the trail safely (snakes!), but I should be able to manage a pleasant walk in the woods. I made a corned beef yesterday and I have pretzel rolls, so I've got good sandwich material, and the new Honeycrisp apples are in.

Meanwhile, the mosquito fogger outdoors did work. I sat out all afternoon without seeing a single mosquito or getting a single bite. However, it only lasts as a repellent for six hours. There are probably fewer mosquitoes because it kills them if you spray directly in spots where they lurk, but visiting mosquitoes may still show up after six hours. I may need to buy this stuff in bulk, now that I know that it works. Not only does the stuff you spray directly on you not seem to work on me, my skin doesn't like it. Repelling the nasty bloodsuckers from the whole area seems like a great idea. Keeping them away from the patio also seems to keep them away from the door, so they don't sneak into the house when I'm coming and going.

I need to come up with an evil fantasy creature based on mosquitoes so I can kill them in large numbers in a book and rid the land of the evil.

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