Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Making Movies

It's my last more or less full (though I have to leave early for choir) workday at home this week, and I think the to-do list is more or less manageable. I've been playing with video editing, doing another welcome video for FenCon. This time, I've figured out how to work with greenscreen on my editing software. This opens up all kinds of new possibilities for mischief. Who knew that this would be how I'd end up using my broadcasting degree? I trained to do TV news, and I ended up doing silly videos.

As in everything, it's more fun making stuff up.

Now I think I need to get my own greenscreen backdrop and a tripod for my iPhone, and a faster Internet connection, and just think of the fun I could have. Eat your heart out, George Lucas!

This is a wonderful age we live in, when you can carry around the technology you need to make a movie in your pocket.

Otherwise, I'm trying to decide how essential a handout is for my presentation. What I really need to do involves graphics, and I don't quite have a way of creating them. The graphic elements in Word don't include a way to show rising and falling action. I'm trying to put together multiple elements to show that, but it ends up either being too big to fit on the page or too small to read. I may resort to a Sharpie and a scanner.

All of this is helping distract me from the fact that I have to go back and face those children again tonight -- and there may be even more this week. I have some lesson plans, but this is definitely a group for which the battle plans don't survive contact with the enemy. I wonder how long I can get them to play the quiet game.

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