Monday, September 26, 2016

Fall! (for a day)

I made it through the convention weekend, and now it's time to get back to the real part of my author job, the part in which I actually write books. I may have to rethink my role in this convention because when I spend a lot of time setting up before the convention, I'm socially spent and physically exhausted before the convention even starts, so I'm less good at the author part. I barely remember any panels I was on, and there were friends I only saw in passing. The whole thing was a blur. It only just occurred to me that I hardly even had any conversations with people. It doesn't help that peak ragweed hit this week. So it may be possible that I can either be a writer guest or on setup crew, but possibly not both.

I do know that I've got some reading to do, as I picked up some good recommendations. I'm also eager to get back to writing. Having lots of people telling me they're waiting for the next book will do that for you. I want to keep all those people happy and get books to them before they forget about me.

For today, though, I'm taking it easy. It's the first day that's really felt like fall, my favorite kind of fall day. It still hasn't hit 70 degrees on my patio, it's gray and kind of drizzly. I don't have the brainpower for copyedits, so I'm going to focus on research reading. There's a chance that this is the only day like this we'll get this year (you never know around here), so I have this urge to Do All the Fall Things. I may even feel compelled to bake (but I'm pretty tired, so maybe not). So there will be reading with tea and the windows open, maybe an apple cinnamon candle going. If it's not raining later in the afternoon, there may be tea on the patio. If my knees weren't so sore, I'd take a walk, but I know better than that. My body needs rest today.

Then tomorrow, I'll tackle the serious work.

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