Thursday, September 29, 2016

Patio Office Time

It's the time of year when I move to what I call the patio office, where I can sit under my patio umbrella in the afternoon and work outdoors in perfect weather. That's even easier now that I have wi-fi that extends out there. The one downside is the mosquitoes. They love me. Strangely, I seem to get more bites when I put on mosquito repellent than when I just use a Bug Band, but this year, even the Bug Band isn't scaring them away, nor does the giant citronella candle. But now I have escalated. I got an outdoor fogger and sprayed the patio this morning. It should be safe to work out there this afternoon. Supposedly, this stuff kills them when you spray grass and bushes where they live and repels them when you spray the hard surfaces. We'll see what happens.

I also got a purple mum to have some color out there. I thought about getting some pansies, but then I couldn't remember what pots I had to work with. I got a gizmo that supposedly does automatic watering, but it requires a rather big pot to work, and I'll have to check what I have in the garage.

At this time of year, I could happily live outdoors, except for the sleeping, and even then, I like to have windows open. Unfortunately, ragweed is a bit of an issue, but the Allegra is kicking in. I'm not suffering as badly as I usually do at very high ragweed levels.

This afternoon, I should finish going through the copyedits. Next week will be proofreading time. I hope to get to writing on the next book very soon because I have so many stories I want to tell.

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