Monday, October 03, 2016

Revolution on the Brain

It's being a very Monday Monday. I have a lot to do this week, and all I really want to do is crawl into a blanket fort and nap. Of course, that could be because of everything I need to do this week. I need to "adult" big-time, and I don't really want to. I'm going to have to rethink the Monday morning yoga class because it's starting to make me feel like I'm behind before the week even starts, as I get nothing much else done on Monday mornings, so I'm catching up early into the afternoon, and then I don't get my usual work started until much later. We also have a new teacher who has a very different approach. Physically, it's more or less fine, but there's a different atmosphere. The previous teacher played very soft "yoga studio" music that was mostly ambient sound -- some nature sounds, maybe a little flute type music. This teacher plays church praise music, which is a musical genre I'm not crazy about to begin with, louder than I'd really like (I can barely hear her over the music), and then she cranks it up higher during the relaxation time. I actually physically convulsed when she did that today because it was such a jolt. It didn't help that the singer she was playing did that thing where they deliberately sing just a bit flat, and the loud off-pitch music just isn't relaxing for me. It's a class held at a church, so I guess that's her thing, but it's not my thing. It's hard to get into a proper yoga mindset when you spend the whole class wondering if you should say something about not being able to hear instructions over the music and getting more and more irritated by the music.

I may look around to see what other class days and times might be an option at other yoga studios nearby (there are a ton), or maybe develop enough self discipline to do it regularly at home at times that better fit my schedule. I think it might work better for me in the evening as a way to wind down because it makes me sleepy. It wasn't an expensive class, so I'm giving myself permission to only go when I really want to for the rest of this semester, and we'll see how it affects my week. When I was sleeping later in the mornings, the class forced me to get up, and I got home at about the same time I usually got settled down to work, but now I'm usually well into my day by the time I get home, so I feel behind, and I don't like to start the week feeling behind.

In other news, I think that perhaps the universe was doing me a favor all those times when circumstances kept me from seeing the movie Reds. I finally watched it, and it wasn't what I was expecting. I was thinking something closer to Doctor Zhivago, though from the perspective of someone involved in the revolution, but that stuff didn't kick in until the last hour. Most of the rest of it was pretentious people making pretentious speeches and living bohemian lives, with Diane Keaton apparently not aware that she wasn't still playing Annie Hall. I got a couple of idea notes out of it, though. Then I finally got around to the Rebellion miniseries on my DVR from earlier in the year, about the Irish Easter Rebellion. That one's more interesting, and possibly more relevant to my needs. It's funny, I thought that The Tudors was some kind of full employment program for Irish actors, but there's no crossover that I've noticed so far with this series, which also has an Irish cast. Maybe all the people who got noticed in bit parts in The Tudors are now working outside Ireland, and this was the next wave. They've been showing the first season of The Tudors on Ovation, and it's fun spotting all the people who have done other things since then. In this series, though, the Irish actors get to play Irish characters, for a change (except for the ones having to play British characters living in Ireland).

It looks like I'm going to have revolution on the brain for the next month or so, but first, I have to proofread the previous book.

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