Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Not THAT Busy

Maybe it wasn't the yoga class yesterday because I'm still tired today after a good night's sleep and letting myself sleep until I woke up. I blame ragweed. I was so spacey and not wanting to work yesterday that I actually did something that's been on the to-do list for weeks that involved making a phone call. My phone/internet are being transitioned to fiber, as they're stopping their support of the traditional copper wiring-based service, and I had to call to set an appointment for installation. It's actually a plus for me as I'll be getting more/better service for less cost, but it did require making a phone call, and will require installation. I was able to get an installation appointment Thursday morning, but that means I need to tidy the house a bit because I'm the kind of person who cleans up before repairmen come over. Also, he'll need access to outlets, I'm sure.

Thus, I made an executive decision that since the deadline I set for myself to proofread this book was arbitrary and it's not urgent that it be done this week, I'm not going to stress over it. In addition to the cleaning I need to do before Thursday, I'm spending tomorrow morning at a school. When an old friend who helped set up the school visit invited me over for dinner tonight and I almost refused because I was so busy, I had a moment of realizing that most of the "busy" is self-imposed. So, I'm taking the late afternoon/early evening off to go have dinner with my friends and see their kids, one of whom I've never met in person and two I haven't seen in ten years (and it sounds like her kids are really excited because apparently they decided I was spending the night and were fighting over whose room I'd sleep in).

Proofing is so critical that it's hard to do when you're tired, distracted, or spacey, so I'm doing it bit-by-bit, reading out loud, and taking breaks. If I finish this week, then great. If not, I'll live, and meanwhile I'm using some of the breaks to do research for the next book.

I think tomorrow I'll skip a day of blogging, since I'll be out all morning, leaving early.

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