Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Getting Serious

It's time to get serious, so I moved back into my office instead of sitting on the sofa, like I have all summer. Well, it's not entirely about being serious. I've got a crick in my neck from the way I was sitting on the sofa to read from the computer while proofreading, so I've moved to a location that allows me to sit with better posture. I cleaned out the office a little to get the new phone/Internet stuff installed, but I need to get it a little more set up for proper work.

Because boy, am I going to have some proper work to do. I think I know what the next project after the next Rebel Mechanics book will be because one of the candidates popped up last night to develop itself. I now know more about the heroine and I really want to write her. I'll do a brief brain dump today to get that information down, then get back to my proofreading and research reading. I think having three projects in various phases of development might make my brain explode.

Speaking of projects, it looks like the new Enchanted, Inc. book will be released December 13. The audio version may come a couple of weeks later. It's not absolutely set in stone, but considering that I'll have a final draft this week ready for formatting and I saw the first pass at the cover art yesterday, that should be on target. There may also be something else around that time, so stay tuned …

Then I'll be able to switch gears (get it?) and get down to some serious Rebel work, and then I can also start brainstorming more about that other project.

And somewhere along the way, I need to clean and organize my house and do a purge because I really hope to sell this place, find another, and move early next year (though I also need to write a lot of books for that so I can afford the kind of place I want and be able to fix it up properly).

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