Friday, April 29, 2011

After the Wedding

Well, the wedding was lovely, and I was delighted that they went with more classical-style music, with no cheesy pop intrusions. I got a good British sacred choral music fix. My real reward for getting up so early was getting to hear the premiere of a brand new John Rutter anthem that was commissioned for the event. I wonder how long it will be before the sheet music is available because I'm going to campaign for our choir to do it, starting tonight when I see the choir director at an event. Unfortunately, the TV can't convey the true acoustics of the abbey and the way a choir sounds in there, though I suspect the large number of people and all the red carpeting and other decor would have dampened the sound significantly from what I heard in a sparsely attended Evensong service.

I loved the dress, which was simple and elegant. The bride didn't look nearly as terrified as Diana did, which is probably a good sign. I also consider it a good sign when a couple has to avoid making eye contact during the more solemn parts of a ceremony because they can't help but grin or crack up if they look at each other.

I watched the BBC feed via PBS, so I avoided some of the worst American journalistic excesses. I was subjected to a few British journalistic excesses, but at least they don't sound as obnoxious when they come in a charming accent. I liked that they had Simon Schama on to give the historical perspective.

Now I think my morning tea is wearing off and I need a nap after not sleeping very well before the 3:30 a.m. wakeup. I finished the next-to-last chapter last night, which went in a different direction than I planned. I just need to do the final chapter, with the "whew, we made it" scene and some assorted mopping up and tying up loose ends. I think I have a good sense of how it will go. I may even be able to finish it today, but I won't push myself, as I'm volunteering at a fundraiser tonight and I do have important napping to do and must return some books to the library, so it will be a short work day for me.

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