Monday, April 18, 2011

The World Keeps Turning

It's nice to get away and take a break every so often, but somehow, that always means a huge catch-up, even if I was only gone for one weekday and then took the weekend off from the computer. People need to stop posting stuff to the Internet when I'm away. Meanwhile, the to-do list is getting epic because of all the stuff I didn't get done last week while I was focusing on taxes. There were a lot of little tasks in there that need to be done today.

What did I do on my break? Mostly, I read. I read three whole books, then I skimmed another just to analyze for content/pacing. I seem to be on a Victoriana kick, as almost everything I've been reading lately has been in that setting or an alternate history version of that setting. I don't yet have a strange urge to wear crinolines, but that might not be too far away.

I'm planning to take it moderately easy this week, since it's Holy Week and that means it's pretty busy. Tonight is my free night. Tomorrow, there's ballet. Wednesday is choir rehearsal. Thursday is Maundy Thursday service (optional, since I don't have to sing). Friday is Good Friday service (I have to sing). Saturday morning is a choir rehearsal for Easter, then that afternoon there's a Doctor Who premiere party. And then I have to sing for three services on Easter morning. For some reason, all the Easter music seems to involve much shrieking on the part of the soprano section. I guess the order of the day is high and loud. So, with all that going on, I'm going to prioritize the getting little things done, then do writing work when I have time between the little errand tasks and the rehearsals, classes and services. Oh, and there's baking to do.

Now I'm off to the library because there are books due and books to be picked up.


Anonymous said...

Why can I see this post on Blogger, but not on LiveJournal, where I normally read your blog?

Shanna Swendson said...

I think LiveJournal is having Issues. The posts are showing up for me, but my mom keeps calling to see if I'm okay because I usually post by that time of day and she's afraid I'm sick or dead. I know they've been under hacker attack, so that may have something to do with it, but they haven't yet said anything in their status updates about this issue.