Friday, April 22, 2011


I ended up shopping in my closet for an Easter outfit after looking at dresses at two different stores. At one store, all the dresses would have been appropriate either for the prom in 1986 or a cocktail party in 1963 (but without the kind of tailoring you'd have had in 1963). If I wanted a 1986 prom dress, I have an authentic one I can still wear, though I don't have any shoes that work with it anymore. Then at the other store, all the dresses had belts, but the belts were attached so they fell midway down my rib cage, which made me look dumpy. I didn't have the energy to shop elsewhere, so I dug around in the closet until I found a top that goes with a skirt I haven't previously worn for Easter. I've never worn that particular top with that skirt, so it's a new outfit, and it should be relatively comfortable under the polyester choir robe that creates a lovely sauna effect.

I may have to start sewing if I want dresses with waistbands that fall anywhere near my waistline without also having skirts that drag on the floor. I'm short, but my body is long, which means I need a "tall" dress if I want it to fit well in the body, but then the skirt will be way too long on my short legs. Then there's the fact that being small does not necessarily mean you have no curves, but the smaller sizes seem to be made for women with stick figures. No wonder I haven't bought clothes other than Target t-shirts in years.

I'm continuing with the tinkering on the trouble chapters and doing the thing where I think I have a chapter finished and am working on the next one, but then realize that something in the previous one needs to be fixed. It's slow going, but I'm so close to the end. I don't know how much I'll get done today, though, and the weekend will be too busy for work.

I'm way too excited about the premiere of a new Doctor Who season, and this time around, it's happening on the same day in the US and UK. I'm going to a premiere party for the first one, and after that I'll have to hope that the TimeWarner OnDemand service isn't as unreliable as it's been lately. They have a bad habit of just never getting around to putting up anything that airs between Friday and Tuesday until maybe Wednesday or Thursday, and then it's always the BBCAmerica stuff that gets skipped and is never posted. I don't actually get BBCAmerica, only their OnDemand channel.

In sadder TV news, CBS has already pulled Chaos from the schedule. That makes my life a little easier since I'm out the next couple of Friday nights, but I do hope we eventually get to see the episodes they've filmed.

Meanwhile, I'm doing some reading related to another project that I'll turn to once I'm done with the current one. There are two possible directions I could take with it. My agent suggested one and I suggested the other. I'm not sure about what she suggested, she isn't sure about what I suggested. So, I'm reading similar books from both sides. I've found myself plowing through the books similar to my suggested direction and plodding through the books similar to my agent's suggested direction. I think that's a pretty good sign. If I don't like reading something, I probably won't be able to write it well, but I think it was important for me to keep an open mind and do the homework and at least seriously consider the other option. The thing is, I would love it if I could do it on that side of things, but I don't believe the market will be open to the way I would do it, and my reading pretty much backs me up. I do still have a few more books to read before I come to a definite conclusion, though I think I should be allowed to put a book aside and conclude that I couldn't write something like that if I've rolled my eyes more than five times in the first hundred pages -- and these are the most successful examples of this kind of book, the bestsellers.

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