Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Library Vigilantism

I wrote 24 pages yesterday, and now I can finish the book this week if I just write at least 23 pages a day. Then next week I can finish my taxes (I keep records throughout the year, so doing my taxes mostly involves putting numbers onto the forms) and clean the sty my house tends to become when I get really focused on a book. It's starting to annoy me, so I need to do something about it. I may then take the week before Easter as a spring break, since that will be a really busy week anyway, with extra services and rehearsals for choir and then a Doctor Who season premiere party. I might start doing some work on the next project, which will be revising the previous project, mostly because I'm really eager to get to it, but I may not be spending four to six hours a day on it the way I am now.

Tomorrow's supposed to be Enchanted, Inc. discussion day, and I don't have any questions in the queue (that I remember -- I have book brain). So if there's something you want to see discussed, ask away! I'm also taking writing questions for the writing posts. In case you haven't noticed, I alternate on Wednesdays between writing posts and Enchanted, Inc. universe discussion.

I have particular motivation to get to writing. I just got notification from the library that the new Terry Pratchett book is finally ready for me to pick it up. They seem to have just bought one copy for the entire library system, and I've been in the number one position on the hold list for more than six weeks. Considering the checkout period is three weeks and you're not allowed to renew a book if there's a waiting list, that means someone was keeping the book way overdue. I also got notification this week about something else that's come in after I've been in the number one position on the hold list for nearly three months, so maybe the library system has started cracking down on people keeping items overdue. With the Pratchett book, I was on the verge of suggesting that the easiest way to reduce the number of overdue items would be to give the contact information on the person who's significantly overdue to the next person on the waiting list. Then we would have a wave of library vigilantism. I can just see me showing up at someone's house and saying, "Okay, hand over the Pratchett and nobody's legs will get broken." Instead, they just seem to have started a policy where you can't check anything else out or use the library computers if you have overdue items, and they've started assessing fines after a certain time. Which I thought were already their policies, but apparently they weren't doing much about overdue materials before. That would explain why so many items went missing for months. There were times when I was in the number one position on the hold list for so long that the hold expired. If you want to keep a book, go to the bookstore, and it will cost you less than paying library fines or paying the library replacement fee.

But, anyway, I think I'll wait until I'm closer to done before I get the book because it will be impossible to resist reading instead of writing. Which means it's time to get to writing.

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