Thursday, April 14, 2011

Time for a Break

The taxes are done! All I have to do is write the check and put it all in the mail, and then I won't have to think about it again for a while, other than organizing my life to remind myself to keep up with the bookkeeping on an ongoing basis instead of letting things pile up.

Now I've decided that this weekend may be my best window of opportunity to visit my parents, since things will get very busy for the next month or so and I haven't visited since Christmas. I think getting away for a couple of days will be good for me, and then I can return refreshed and invigorated, though I suspect next week will be a low work week with all the extra Easter stuff I have going on.

I was thinking about getting a new dress for Easter this year, since I haven't done that in a while, but I'm in the choir, so I'm wearing a choir robe the whole time and I have to sing for three services. It gets hot under those robes, so there's not much point in wearing something nice. I generally go with a skirt and a nice t-shirt. So then I thought I'd look into new shoes. I was looking at one of those department store ad inserts that came in the newspaper and just skimming it while I ate breakfast without reading it. Instead of it being organized by department, it was organized by the kind of sale that was going on, so there was the page for the early-morning doorbusters, the page for the night-owl deals, the page for weekdays, the page for weekends, etc. (I guess they want you to keep coming to the store over and over again), with everything all mixed up on each page. I'd looked at some of the shoes they were advertising and wondered if they came with the stripper pole or if that was sold separately. Then a few pages over, they showed some really cute sandals that were just what I wanted, with a medium heel and straps that didn't look like bondage torture devices. With choir, we do a processional at the start of the service and then have to climb into the choir loft that's a full story above the sanctuary, then go down the stairs again at the end of the service for a recessional. Comfortable shoes are essential, and I need a lowish heel, depending on where they have me standing, because as short as I am, I'm tall for my section, and the people who stand behind me complain when I wear high heels. These shoes in the ad looked ideal.

And then when I looked closer, I saw that those shoes were for little girls in the 4-6 age range.

No wonder I haven't bought shoes in a while if the adult shoes look like something people in an "adult" industry would wear to work and if the shoes for little girls look ideal for a grown woman.

But for now, I'm just going to throw some jeans in my suitcase and go hang out with the folks. I probably won't post tomorrow unless I feel really inspired.

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