Friday, April 01, 2011

Not an April Fool's Joke

I am not going to attempt any April Fool's jokes here. There's too much risk of something coming up in a future Google search and someone not noticing the post date and taking the post literally. Heck, last year I made a joke about what April Fool's jokes I wasn't doing and someone took it literally. When you have to explain your joke about not making a joke, it's too much effort.

I managed to get my characters out of the tricky situation they were in, and then from there into another tricky situation, for which I think I have a solution, so I hope to make progress today. It's a little frustrating to work for hours without changing page counts, but I have undone the damage I did in making the wrong decision, even though I feel like I should apologize to my characters for what I'm putting them through.

Let's see, random news type stuff of the day …

The Bronx Zoo cobra has been found and is back home. It seems it really never did leave the reptile house, so that whole Bronx Zoo cobra Twitter feed (and the related Bronx Zoo mongoose Twitter feed) of the snake's adventures was apparently a hoax. Bummer. (And, yes, that is a joke. I am aware that a cobra can't tweet, even if it does have an iPhone and there's an asp for that -- the cobra's explanation for its tweeting ability.) But I loved the idea of the snake on the lam and the mongoose chasing him all over the city, just as long as I was very far away. I think I watched that cartoon of Rikki-Tikki Tavi too many times as a kid.

I'm not hearing a lot of buzz about the new CBS show premiering tonight, Chaos. I looked into it because I thought I saw a couple of familiar faces in one of the promos, and now I'm thinking it could be a ton of fun. It's sort of a comedy/adventure spy show, about a group of loose-cannon CIA agents and the rookie who gets assigned to their unit to spy on them for their boss. It involves Eric Close, and while the clips I've seen don't indicate the extreme amounts of shirtlessness we had in Now and Again, he does seem to put on glasses a few times, which isn't bad (hot men in suits putting on glasses just does something for me). Then there's James Murray, who played the paleontology research assistant/big game hunter (really, really, really big game) in the first two seasons of Primeval, though it looks like he's playing the opposite of his stoic, reserved Primeval character here, as he seems to be the loud, obnoxious comic relief. Plus, in a departure from all the British actors doing American accents on American TV shows, we have a British actor doing a Scottish accent on an American TV show. I found some clips and behind-the-scenes stuff online, and it looks like the cast is having way too much fun, which tends to mean the show will be fun to watch. This could be perfect Friday-night entertainment, which means it will be cancelled in about three weeks. Even so, tonight I think I'm making a pizza so I can enjoy this properly.

Plus, new Phineas and Ferb tonight, though it's apparently a "clip show." We'll see how that really translates in their universe. They've already re-made an earlier episode in the form of a musical, so there's no telling how they'll do a clip show.

And now to go see if I can finally move my page count forward.

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