Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's a Thursday

The soreness from Tuesday night's dance class binge hit during children's choir last night. We were sitting on the floor, and suddenly it was very difficult for me to get up because my thighs went into total rebellion. The kindergarteners were too small to provide much leverage for pulling me up, so I had to struggle to my feet on my own, with much groaning. We combined classes with the preschool choir since my co-teacher was out of town and we've been having so few kids in our class (in this town, the kindergarteners are over-programmed with extracurricular activities). All those kids together was a little overwhelming. I think it was even getting to my kids because I noticed that my kids tended to migrate over to me and hover on the edges (I was guarding the door so we could keep it open without any kids escaping and so I could keep an eye out for any of my kids heading to the wrong room). I did utterly terrify one of the preschoolers who refused to enter the room while I was in there. Normally I just frighten adults who know what they're dealing with. Kids usually like me. Apparently this one is going through a phase of stranger issues, so I left the room until they got her in and settled.

I think after that, today will be a quiet day. It's delightfully gray and off-and-on rainy, so it's a perfect writing day. I've been going back over the last bits I wrote on the current project, around the time I snapped. It's not as bad as I thought, but it is a bit underdeveloped and rushed. I only need to do a little bit of tinkering with the chapter I'm on, but the next two are the ones that will need a lot of work.

That's about all I'll be up to as the dance soreness has really hit with a vengeance. I have spots that are sore to the touch. That probably means I need to do more strenuous workouts more often. This career is not good for physical fitness. I've heard of writers who set up a desk on a treadmill and walk while they write, but I can barely walk and think at the same time, so that would be asking for a disaster of Lucille Ball comic proportions. I've been known to almost fall down the stairs when I get a good idea while going up or down the stairs because I get too sidetracked to properly place my feet on the next step.

Speaking of exercise and fitness, I may bake my chocolate chip cookies for the weekend's Doctor Who party today, since it's good baking weather. I wonder how many will survive until Saturday. I do need to properly test the batch to ensure that it's worthy of serving to my friends.


dmn2000 said...

Of course you have to test the batch!

Anonymous said...

just fyi -- livejournal still isn't updating. I've had to look here for the last 2 days to find updates!