Monday, May 02, 2011

Another Book Done!

I finished the book on Friday afternoon, then "celebrated" by going to volunteer as a parking lot greeter for a fundraising concert, though the concert was really nice once I was off-duty. Saturday was house-cleaning day. Friends offering to bring over the new Doctor Who episode to watch on my widescreen TV was a good incentive. And then Sunday was delightfully cold and rainy, so I did some napping and reading.

Now it's time to get to work on something else while this one "rests." I'm going back to the book I finished in January to do some revisions. It's had a chance to ripen and develop in my subconscious. I have a few options for directions I can take with it, so I'll have to have a conversation with my agent about it, but today is for re-reading it and refreshing myself. As it's still cold and rainy, it should be a good reading-for-work day.

I think the cold weather may be my fault, as part of my house cleaning on Saturday included putting away the electric blanket and washing my sweatshirts (the kind worn as jackets) to put them away for the summer. I had to dig out things to wear today and may even need to get out the electric blanket because I don't want to turn on the heater again.

There's a blanket, a book and a pot of tea calling my name ...

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