Thursday, May 05, 2011

Free Time, and My Mind Goes Blank

I just realized that I'm facing my first weekend in a while with nothing planned, and it's kind of nice. I do have to sing in two church services Sunday since the chorale is also singing, but I don't have any scheduled events or obligations other than that from Friday through Sunday. My house is already pretty clean, so if I do laundry today, I won't even have to do that over the weekend. I'm thinking I'll do an at-home spa day, or something like that, to relax me before I dive into another book.

Or maybe I could finally finish setting up the new computer, transferring the files and loading the software so it will be functional for more than Internet access. I'll probably keep writing on the old one for a while. I like having separate machines so one is at my desk and one can migrate around the house.

I'm already getting excited about the potential changes to the book I'm working on. Now that I've re-read it, some of this seems so obvious, and I think the book will be even better. It was a beautiful day yesterday, so I took a notebook and a thermos of iced tea to the park across the street, sat by the fountain and brainstormed a little. Today may be a little windy for that, but my patio may be sheltered enough to be able to scribble in a notebook without the pages flapping madly in the wind.

I should probably have something more meaty or entertaining to say, but my mind is a complete blank. I think all available brain cells have been dedicated to the book. I'm also having a bit of a "squirrel!" day.

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