Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rainy Day Music

I'm now totally done with children's choir for the year, after the directors' end-of-year dinner last night. And I may have had a weak moment and agreed to do it again next year. It is a commitment and a responsibility, but it's fun, and my co-director and I make a great team, so I figured that the burden/fun ratio works out in my favor. This is subject to change if my life/deadline schedule suddenly gets crazy, but it doesn't eat into my schedule that much. It's only an hour and fifteen minutes earlier than I'd have to go to choir anyway.

Besides, based on the fall TV schedules that have been announced, I won't be too busy watching TV, so I'll have more free time in the fall. There aren't really any new series that totally grab me. The magical cop show I thought sounded intriguing didn't get picked up, though there are a couple of fairy tale/fantasy type shows, which could explain why I'm suddenly getting e-mails from TV production companies asking when the option on Enchanted, Inc. expires. When it expires this summer, it looks like it may get competitive if Universal doesn't make an outright purchase.

It's a nice, cloudy day, so I'm looking forward to making a lot of progress on my rewrites. I will have to go back over something I worked on yesterday because I admitted to myself that my research was showing. There was a part that I found preachy and boring, and I wrote it, so I doubt any readers would like it, no matter how many books I read to get the information. Then there's another element I'm not sure whether or not I should keep. I think it's a nice little touch, but it has next to nothing to do with the main plot, other than possibly making things a little more personal for the heroine. I may leave it in for now, but it could go in the next draft.

Speaking of the cloudy day being good for writing, I found something odd in the music department of an electronics store. They have a pretty good stock of cheap (like, a dollar) classical CDs that are actually pretty decent and that make good background music for writing. I was looking through them, and they had some that were along the lines of "Rainy Day (Composer)." At first, I thought it was the kind of music you might listen to on a rainy day, but then the credits mentioned the name of the orchestra or performer, as well as "Mother Nature," and I realized that it was classical music with the sound of rain superimposed. Which sounds really, really strange. Why would you want to mess up the music by adding sound effects? Then again, I love the sound of rain, and I'm more productive and creative on rainy days, so I wonder if I could use something like that to simulate a rainy day. I'd need better blinds or darker curtains (or I suppose I could work in my bedroom, which stays pretty dark), and then I could play the music with the rain sounds and pretend it's a rainy day. Those CDs are really cheap, so it wouldn't be an expensive experiment. I may have to give it a try. It does still fall into the "what made someone think of this?" category for me, though.

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