Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Day for Frolicking

It looks like my petunia is a casualty of the storm. I repotted the remaining bits yesterday, but today those are shriveled up and brown. It's sad because it was a thank-you gift for being a children's choir director, but I hadn't really bonded with it yet, and I do still have the decorated pot it came in, which is the part mentioning choir. It's been a bit noisy today with chainsaws, leaf blowers and other things that come into play when there's been storm damage.

The upside of a big storm is that you often get gorgeous weather in the aftermath. Today is spectacularly lovely, with warm (but not hot) temperatures and clear skies. I have work to do, and it's the kind of work that must be done at the computer, and the computer doesn't work so well outdoors (I've tried, but there's a glare on the screen), but it would be a shame to spend a day like today indoors. So, since everything on TV tonight is a rerun, I think I'll at least take a walk this afternoon and enjoy the outdoors and then work tonight. I do have at least one minor pen-and-paper task to do, so I may do some outdoor work. This is definitely a day made for frolicking. I may take a bottle of bubble soap to the park and just sit there, blowing bubbles.

And, yes, yes, I do have a bottle of bubble soap handy. Doesn't everyone?

I'm still enjoying this book. I may be in the delusional stage, but I think it's at least as good as the one I just read that's a bestseller in the same genre, and considering that it took me nearly three weeks to read the bestseller because I was more interested in the book I was working on, that I wrote and that I know the ending for, I think that's a good sign. Now, if only the publishers will agree. I think this is one that if the publishers don't get it, I may consider self-publishing online as an experiment (and to prove them wrong).

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Angie said...

I would buy your book if you self-published it!