Monday, May 16, 2011

The Monday Allergy Hangover

I should have had a much wilder weekend to feel the way I did this morning. Alas, it is allergies and sinuses, not the consequences from too much fun. I did have fun over the weekend, but not that kind of fun. I was already rather sneezy on Saturday, but it probably didn't help that I spent part of Saturday afternoon outside in the country, pushing my Mini-Me on the swingset (I was visiting friends whose daughter looks freakishly like me. It's rather disconcerting).

After this week's Doctor Who, I may have my Halloween costume for the year. I just need to re-create that dress. I've already got the hair (especially first thing in the morning) and even look rather similar in the face. I love it when shows "Mary Sue" me into them, with either a character very similar to me or with casting that looks close to me. I just never imagined that my Doctor Who Mary Sue would end up being that particular character, though I have always had a bit of an affinity for her and have been known to give her lines while watching. Yes, I'm being vague so as not to spoil.

I now have to make the decision about whether allergy medicine would make me much groggier than I already am. Even the supposed non-drowsy stuff knocks me out (sometimes worse than Benadryl), but it's not as though I'm very functional at the moment. I hate how my favorite times of the year, weather-wise, are also the times when allergies hit me the worst. It's so beautiful outside and nice and cool -- good frolicking weather -- but I mostly just want to curl up in bed with the covers over my head and sleep off the allergy drugs. And wouldn't you know it, but I've reached a part of my revisions where actual rewriting is necessary.

Now I feel a sneezing fit coming on.

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