Monday, June 27, 2016

Time to Go!

I finished my sewing and most of my plotting. As is always the case, it's the details that get you. That brilliant idea in your head looks a lot weaker when you start writing it down, get to the turning points, and realize that you don't have much more than "and then something happens here." But I got those parts worked out, so I think I may start writing actual words today, though I do have a lot of other things on my to-do list.

I did get around to rewatching Aliens over the weekend, and I think they super-specialed the Special Edition. I had the Special Edition VHS and had watched it a number of times, but this was the first time I'd watched the Special Edition DVD, and there were scenes and moments that seemed entirely unfamiliar. I don't know if it's just that I was more familiar with either the theatrical version or the TV version, and the Special Edition that combined the two is less familiar, or if there really was more stuff on the DVD, but I kept having those "hey, is that new?" moments. At any rate, it was fun to watch knowing what I know now about how they were deliberately playing the relationship. It's also highly amusing now that I know that almost all of the secondary Marines (other than the main characters) were serious stage actors in their first film roles. The casting was done in England (since it filmed there), and for the secondary cast, they were recruiting American actors who were there working in British theater.

I also used a couple of Hallmark movies that were on my DVR as background noise for brainstorming (I find that it sometimes helps to have other stuff going on for that -- I can't write with background noise, but that does help my thinking). But we won't talk about those because, wow, so very bad in weirdly amusing ways.

I capped off the weekend with a fun Sunday afternoon concert of geeky pop/folk. And now to get my nose to the grindstone and work on my writing.

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