Friday, June 24, 2016

One Thing Leads to Another

I ended up with an unplanned morning out. Yesterday, I decided to take my own advice on creativity and work on another creative project while I brainstormed, so I worked on a sewing project I've been thinking about. It worked, as I found a solution to a plot hole -- something I needed to happen but that I didn't have a good reason to happen. But then midway through, I ran out of thread. I figured I'd run up the street to Wal Mart this morning -- a quick 15-minute errand (at the most). However, while they had a rack for the kind of thread I needed, it was just about empty, with only a few odd colors and not the white I needed. That meant I had to go all the way to Jo Ann, a 15-minute or so drive away. Then they were having a fabric sale, so I figured that while I was there, I might as well get some for future projects. There's a DSW across the street, and I figured that while I was in the neighborhood I may as well check it out because there are a few old, worn-out pairs of shoes I really need to replace but haven't found quite the right replacement. I lucked out and found two pairs that fit my needs, and they were on clearance. They were really nice, high-end brands for about what I'd pay for something similar (but lesser) at Payless. And then I figured I may as well swing by Sprouts on the way home to get some produce.

Two hours later …

So now I have a little more sewing to do to finish the current project, and I need to write down my brainstorming. It's amazing what your mind comes up with when you're focusing on something else. I've started having scenes playing out in my head.

This time, I bought a bigger spool of yarn because I figure I'll be needing it eventually. And soon I will have a whole wardrobe of light muslin summer nightgowns -- a good practice project while I get used to this sewing thing, and it doesn't matter if I mess up because no one will see it.

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