Tuesday, June 21, 2016

So Not Cool

No sooner did I get my air conditioner fixed than my refrigerator went on the blink. Either I've angered Elsa, who is abandoning me and taking the cool with her, or the Heat Miser is attacking. Fortunately, the freezer is working, and since I was out of town over the weekend, that's where all the food was. I only lost a few things in the refrigerator. I've got a repair appointment at 1 today, so we'll hope it's an easy fix and something he can do today with parts he has with him. Otherwise, waiting on service people might become my new hobby for the summer.

On the bright side, I didn't have to leave the house to go grocery shopping yesterday, since there was no point in buying anything perishable. I was so very tired after that trip that I just didn't feel like going anywhere. I managed to take care of some business stuff, but anything else was beyond me.

Today, though, I need to jump into action (aside from the time when the repair guy is here). I have just a little bit of stuff I need to look up before I can plot the next book I'm working on, and then I need to spend the rest of the week doing plotting/development work. I have a free weekend other than Sunday activities, so I'm hoping to do a kind of "retreat" to immerse myself in the story and try to get some momentum started. It's always weird to start writing something new.

Meanwhile, I really need to start promoting the new book and the paperback release. I suppose I should be looking for places to do guest blog posts or interviews. If anyone is interested in hosting or interviewing me, let me know!

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