Friday, June 10, 2016

Keeping Cool

I'm having a fun day of sitting around and waiting. My air conditioner isn't working very well -- it was running more than an hour non-stop to maintain an indoor temperature of 81, when it was 94 outside. I have a service plan with the company that installed it, which is supposed to mean that not only do I get twice-yearly checkups, but I also get service when I need it. But the earliest appointment they could give me was on Tuesday, though they said they would try to work me in today, which means sitting around all day, waiting for a call. I'm considering contacting another company and letting them know that if they can get to me before the company I've actually paid to have on retainer, then I'll likely move my service contract to them and ditch the original company.

It's not too bad, though. My house is designed for hot weather. This is when I'm glad I have wi-fi because I can stay downstairs. The upstairs is stifling, but my living room and bedroom are reasonably comfortable with the ceiling fans on. I'm just worried that it will only get worse over the weekend, and I'll be seriously annoyed if I sit here all day waiting for a call and get nothing. I'd rather them just say they can't do it so I can make other plans. I mean, I could go to a movie and sit in the dark and cold or go to the library. I may resort to Twitter shaming. That's the way to get customer service these days.

Now, I know I have one of those little drink umbrellas around here somewhere. I have a photo shoot in mind (if you're going to Twitter shame, you should have some fun with it).

Next week is my trip to Comicpalooza. Here's my schedule, which should be easy to remember because it's awfully short. There's no autographing, but if you can track me down, I'll sign stuff. I already suspect that this event will be a bust for business purposes, but it's a road trip and a nice hotel that will earn me a lot of Hilton points, and some of my friends will be there, and there aren't a lot of demands on me. I'm going to try to make it to the panel with the cast of Aliens reunion, where I will try not to feel old about that being 30 years ago.

Now to go make myself an umbrella drink, get out my battery-operated fan, and take a few selfies to tweet to my AC service company.

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