Friday, April 22, 2016

The Quiet Before the Rush

I'm enjoying my wi-fi this morning by having my morning tea and doing my morning Internet browse on the patio. It would be much nicer if one of my neighbors wasn't using a loud power tool.

I'm about halfway done with my edits. I think the book is "there," so all that going back and fixing seems to have worked. I'm just catching a few things that don't need to be there anymore because the stuff they're setting up no longer happens, and I'm having to adjust some setups for new things that happen. I'm also catching a number of redundant conversations, or at least lines in conversations, as well as some awkward wordings (if I sell this book for audio, the narrator will thank me). That's the benefit of reading out loud. If you read it out loud and find that it doesn't sound like anything a real person would say, it needs to be fixed. Then there are things your eyes skim over that really hit you when you read them out loud.

Getting much work done today might be a challenge, as I have to go into convention mode. At noon I'll be talking about other time travel stuff that Doctor Who fans might like, and at four I'll be on a panel about that other franchise that had a long hiatus before coming back to create a whole new generation of fans: Star Wars. Tomorrow morning at 10 I'll be helping with the first-timer intro panel, and then at noon will be on the panel about 'shipping Doctor Who (for the record, I'm against it for the Doctor, like it between companions). At five, I'll be popping back for a look at series 9 (which, I must confess, didn't really stick with me -- I'll be decorative on that panel). Sunday at 11, I'll be discussing other stuff Doctor Who fans might like, and at 1 will be talking about the state of genre TV and movies. I probably won't be around much otherwise, except in those hour-long gaps between panels, because I have work to do and live close enough to run home.

And then I know I'm getting close to the end of a book because I have a sudden desperate urge to clean my house. I'm sure it will fade as soon as I turn the book in and have time for it.

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