Monday, April 11, 2016

Already Behind

I feel like I'm already behind today because I had a yoga class, then the yoga class had a Starbucks (or as we say at church, St. Arbucks) fellowship, then there was grocery shopping. Whew.

But I made it past the latest tricky part in fixing the book over the weekend, and now I can move forward to the next tricky part. I've even done most of the smoothing out of the seams. I just need to do the transition out of it and re-break the chapters.

Meanwhile, I had my first rehearsal with the harp ensemble at church yesterday. I managed to keep up with them pretty well, considering I was sight reading and have been playing the instrument for three weeks. I'm going to need to learn more music theory to figure out chords and accompaniment, but right now I'm doing well to pick out the melody line at tempo. In the lesson book I'm working through, I'm at the part where you start to play harmony and counterpoint with the left hand, and that's really tricky for someone who doesn't play piano. Supposedly, doing this kind of learning that requires making new pathways and connections in the brain and in the brain/body connection is good for staving off dementia.

I hope to have the book done and some of the other business stuff taken care of this week. Then I'll really catch up on life while letting the book rest and brainstorming something else, and then one more round of editing/proofing before I send to the copyeditor.

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