Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Free Time? What's That?

It feels really weird having free time. It's like when I was in school and got to the end of finals. The first few days afterward seemed odd because I didn't have to study, but I felt guilty for not studying, and I'd forgotten what I did with my time when I didn't have to study.

Except now I have other stuff I need to do that I didn't get around to doing, only I don't really want to deal with it because I want to enjoy the free time, but then I feel guilty for not doing it. So maybe I should deal with all the stuff and then enjoy some free time. Well, some of the stuff. Some of it may take longer than that.

I think today's task will be to reconfigure some of my office. If I move my modem and wireless router around, I free up some space on and around my desk, and moving the wireless router to the bookcase by the desk will allow me to connect it to my stereo, so I can then stream music from my computer or phone through my stereo speakers, and I think that will be essential for doing further desk cleaning and office reorganization. Come to think of it, I need to set up my phone for my wi-fi, which I haven't done yet.

I was going to spend today practicing the harp, but a string snapped overnight, which is odd. I wasn't even playing it at the time and hadn't touched it for a few days because I was out. The person who loaned it to me said to take it to him if I needed a string replaced, so that will have to wait either to Wednesday or Sunday.

So I guess I'm down to spending the day cleaning my office while listening to music for brainstorming purposes and maybe starting to deal with some marketing tasks.

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