Thursday, April 21, 2016

Someday I'll Find My Desk

I finished the round of rewrites on Tuesday, and later that day I found that in order to get my personal copyediting fairy godmother before the end of May, I need to get the book to her by Monday. So, I turned right around and started one more clean-up pass, and it's a good thing because I've already caught a few things that no longer made sense, based on changes I made later in the book. I was setting up things that don't happen anymore.

This means I'll be really busy for the next few days. I'll definitely be coming home between WhoFest panels because this isn't the sort of work I can do sitting in a hotel lobby. I'm proofreading and fixing wording by reading out loud, and not only is there the reading out loud factor, but it takes a lot of concentration.

I held off on doing WiFi at home for a long time, but I'm finding that it's less of a distraction than I feared. I've been working at my desk, which is probably better for my posture, and I think knowing that I can get on the Internet at any time is making it less appealing. I'm also finding that I'm multitasking my goofing off. I can play on the Internet while I'm watching TV at night, which leaves me focusing more on work during the day. Having the instant Internet access even if I leave my desk also means that I can quickly check facts and look things up. I've been more productive this week, though I suppose some of that may have to do with now having a deadline that involves a commitment to another person. That makes for good motivation.

The first item on my agenda after I send off the book Monday is mucking out my office. I want to make it more of a pleasant working environment. The wireless means I can rearrange some things around my desk because I'm no longer limited by where the cables are. But first I have to find my desk. I'm sure it's in here somewhere.

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