Thursday, April 07, 2016

Building My Cocoon

I'm going to have to be good today because I somehow wasted yesterday. I did get stuff done, but I didn't get around to the writing work or all the business work I needed to do. It was one of those non-focusing days. This probably means that Saturday will be a working day because I've got a lot of stuff to take care of, and getting a few things off my plate will make me feel better all around for the rest of the stuff I need to do. Also, spring allergies are in full force, which may have a lot to do with it. An industrious spider built a couple of huge webs on my patio, and they were soon totally covered in pollen. They looked all fuzzy.

I did figure out what version of the replacement scene I needed to go with. Now I'm working on what should happen in it. I was imagining it as I fell asleep last night, so perhaps yesterday's lack of focus was my brain's way of getting me out of the way so it could work.

Oddly, some of the lack of focus came from a bit of news about yet another honor for Rebel Mechanics from the library world. It's very cool, but it's also rather frustrating to hear news like that from my editor and to see my publisher tweeting about it when I know just how interested they really were in that book and in turning it into a series. My reaction was a weird combination of "Ha! So there!" and dejection, especially when I started hearing from angry librarians who aren't happy that they got kids excited about this book and now won't be getting a sequel, though I'm assuring them that there will be a sequel. They'll just have to buy it from a different source, though I think there are some libraries that have issues with stocking independently published books.

I suppose more proof of the fact that my brain was working on something was that I was having a noise-averse day. I didn't have to do children's choir (yay!!!), but there was a children's worship service, and I generally go just to be a presence (and to get a good parking space near the choir room), but I had to sneak out and go sit in the fellowship hall until dinner because the music they were playing was so loud and I couldn't handle the noise. Choir practice didn't bother me so much because we were all singing together, but I came home and needed silence.

So I will be building a cocoon for the next few days until I get at least one source of stress taken care of.

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