Thursday, April 28, 2016

Back to School

I had my last children's choir session last night. Now we just have to sing Sunday and then at the children's worship service next Wednesday, but I don't have to have lesson plans for that and the parents will be present, so that should mean they're on their best behavior (ha!). I got one thank-you gift from a kid, some chocolate and pecan candy. Another kid gave me a big hug. Otherwise, I think these kids are still too young to comprehend the concept of the end of the school year. They haven't really experienced that yet.

Even though the school year is coming to a close, I'll be going back to school this weekend. The local newspaper sponsors these One Day University things, in which they bring in some top professors from universities all over the country for a day of lectures. Usually, there are one or two lectures that sound interesting, but it's not worth the price (in the $200 range), so I've never gone. The newspaper has also started a subscriber rewards program, where every so often they send out an e-mail with a list of upcoming events that you can win tickets to. You select which event to enter a drawing for of that round. It's mostly concerts and sporting events, and I've entered every time but haven't heard anything. This time around, the One Day University was on the list, and there was a lecture on the psychology of good and evil on the schedule that I thought might be very useful for characterization, so I chose that event for my entry. Yesterday, I got an e-mail telling me I won for the event Saturday. That was kind of exciting. I guess I really need to hear that lecture.

This does mean I'll be "working" two weekends in a row, then a weekend off, and then the next weekend I'll be working again.

Meanwhile, my shopping trip earlier in the week proved fruitless. I remember when a few years ago the dressy top was such a big thing. The go-to dressy casual outfit was a sparkly camisole, jeans, and heels, or you could wear the top with a skirt or tuxedo pants for a more formal occasion. But the only dressy tops I found in the whole mall were "mother of the bride" type jackets or midriff-baring halters, and an online search of the major department stores didn't come up with anything, either. So, I'm going to get wild and crazy and break out the sewing machine to get exactly what I want. I have a pattern for a bodice/vest that I've made before, and yesterday I bought some satin material to make it. I haven't sewn much in a long time, but this pattern is one of the few things I've made, and it came out really well then. If it comes out well, I'll have to get someone to take photos to post.

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