Friday, October 02, 2015

The Ikea Excursion

I made my expedition to the Ikea store this morning. Wow. That's just a whole different world. I knew what I wanted, but I did wander the showroom instead of going straight to the warehouse. It's fun to look at the displays and drool over all the perfect organizational stuff. I had to restrain myself in the housewares department because I could have gone crazy. Most of their furniture isn't really to my taste, but their dishes and glassware are right up my alley.

I ended up with the TV stand I went for and a laptop stand I've been looking at in the catalog. Then I got a scented candle that was too cheap and too nice-smelling to pass up, plus a good, large rolling pin (it's hard to do good pies with the mini one I have), a plastic cutting board (mine are at the end of their lifespan), a cooler bag that was on clearance (for grocery shopping in hot weather without having to haul around the cooler), and a nifty sewing kit full of gadgets (couldn't resist -- most of my sewing tools are scattered and outdated). And then there were Swedish meatballs for lunch.

My kitchen desperately needs redoing, so I was kind of drooling at those displays. I love a lot of their office stuff. But I haven't decided yet what I'm going to do about my house situation, so I don't want to invest a lot in that sort of thing. But I do need a new bedroom lamp and it looks like they have some neat things, and it looks like a good place to get a sewing table, if I ever get my office in good enough shape to set up a sewing area.

And the housewares. Ah. I found myself mentally planning fantasy dinner parties. And I'm not even a dinner party kind of person. I started thinking of the showroom as a "lifestyle museum."

Now to go put together my new laptop stand so I can sit on the patio and work. It's the perfect weather for that sort of thing.

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