Monday, October 19, 2015

Sneezing at Home

It turned out that I was right about the outcome of being paralyzed by options. I was in a writing groove on Friday night, so I stayed home instead of going to the downtown event, and I'm glad because some friends at church went, and they said the projected 30,000 crowd (that was big enough to make me wary of going) turned out to be more like 200,000, and so packed in that you could barely see things.

Then I guess I forgot to take Friday's dose of allergy medicine, and the ragweed levels were really high, so I spent most of Saturday sniffling and sneezing and decided that constant sneezing at the ballet would be a bad idea. I mostly sat around reading, which was nice.

I did go to Sunday's party, though. And I'm planning to go to a library event tonight.  So I'm not being a total homebody.

My preschoolers had their first time to sing in church on Sunday, and it went pretty well. There were no tears and no one refused to wear a choir robe. There was one kid who sang in silly voices, which got some chuckles from the congregation. He continued bursting out with silly things during the children's sermon, so I got a lot of "oh, you poor thing" remarks later from people commiserating about having him in my choir. I'd been a little worried about the robes because that's caused some meltdowns with past groups, and there's usually at least one little girl who's dressed up nice to sing in church and then gets upset that she's going to have to wear a choir robe over her nice outfit. We went to the choir room to see and try on the robes Wednesday night, so they could get used to the idea of them and I could get the scary, new stuff out of the way and get them prepared for the idea that no one would see their clothes. But there were also racks of prom dresses and ballgowns near the racks with the choir robes. The church collected donations of formal dresses in the spring so that any girl in town who needed a prom dress would be able to have one, but they got more donations than were needed, and the extras got donated to be used in the spring youth musical, since they're doing Cinderella and will need lots of ballgowns. My preschool girls saw the rack of fancy dresses and started drooling. I was a little afraid I'd have at least one insisting on wearing a princess dress instead of a choir robe, but that didn't end up happening.

I figured out how to fix the book and got about halfway through the fixes on Friday and Saturday. I'll be losing a lot of it because I'm consolidating some scenes, but I think it will be a lot stronger. I'm hoping to get through the rest of the fixes today, then there may have to be some new writing, then I need to do some fact checking against the first book for continuity purposes, and then I should have a book proposal.

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