Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Proposal Almost Done!

I've almost got my book proposal done. I have about a page or two to write, then I need to edit the whole thing, come up with some chapter headers, and then edit the synopsis based on what I actually ended up writing. I also need to type out a few paragraphs for a couple of other book ideas. Then I'll go back to writing the rest of the book. I wanted to have that done before I go on vacation, but that's two weeks from tomorrow, so it's not going to happen unless I go absolutely insane for the next week or so.

Then again, we're looking at a rainy weekend with nothing on the calendar, so going insane with writing is a distinct possibility.

Fortunately, I already have today's lesson plan for the kids done, and we'll see how much of it we get to. Tonight we're going to make tissue ghosts and make them dance and then do ghost sounds (vocal exercises up and down the scales). We might even do a ghost parade to entertain the people getting dinner ready and show off our ghost sounds. Part of this is my sneaky introduction to classical music, as they'll be dancing to "Night on Bald Mountain." If I have time, I'll swing by the library and see if the CD with "Danse Macabre" is in (I need to buy a copy of that).

And then I get a week off because next week is the Halloween carnival. I'll still be there as a volunteer, but I don't have to plan anything. I'm just working either a game booth or the craft table.

Now I suppose I'd better get that proposal finished.

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