Monday, October 05, 2015

Little Things

My yoga teacher had an appendectomy a couple of weeks ago, so this morning's class was restorative yoga, focused on relaxing and breathing, rather than actual exercise. As a result, I feel so relaxed I could go right back to sleep. But I need to get over that because there are errands to run and then there's writing to do.

My big weekend project was putting together the new TV stand and redoing my bedroom entertainment center. It now really looks like I've entered the 21st century, with a flat-panel HDTV instead of the 13" tube TV that was in my college dorm room. Not that I've actually watched anything in there.

Meanwhile, I must admit that I'm loving the DVR. They're showing "classic" Doctor Who late at night on PBS, so I recorded that Saturday and watched it for my lunch/newspaper viewing Sunday. I also grabbed a cheesy Hallmark movie that was on at a time I didn't really want to watch it, to have handy when I'm in the mood for that sort of thing. I was able to record the new show on PBS that was opposite Once Upon a Time, and I'm very glad I recorded Once Upon a Time because OnDemand doesn't let you fast forward, and this episode was a classic example of how that show can be very good and very awful at the same time. I'll want to rewatch the good parts but there are parts it would be best never to have to see again. I haven't used it a lot for being able to skip most of the commercials after starting something late, but I have used it for those times I want to watch something live but am not able to catch the very beginning. I'll be making use of that Thursday night when Haven premieres, and I'll be just getting home from dance class. I'll be able to take a quick shower without worrying about missing the first two minutes.

The other thing likely to fill it is documentaries. There are so many cool things on channels like Smithsonian or National Geographic that are on at awkward times, and this gives me a way to watch them when I feel like it. Those channels are on the tier that I wasn't able to record on the VCR because they require the converter box, and the converter box doesn't have an output that goes into the VCR.

We're getting our first taste of fall-like weather, but wouldn't you know it, I've had places to be in the mornings when it's nice and cool. I do plan to do my writing outside this afternoon, though, thanks to my new laptop stand that allows me to get the computer at just the right height.

It's amazing how such little things can make such a big improvement in life. My next plan is to get my bedroom entirely in order so it feels like a hotel room. I may not be able to keep the rest of the house like that, but if I can keep the bedroom that way, it might do.

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