Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekend Recovery

I had a busy weekend, and it was all fun stuff rather than obligation stuff, but still, there's something about barely being home during waking hours all weekend that leaves me kind of needing a weekend to recover from the weekend. It's going to be a busy week, since it's Holy Week, and that means extra stuff going on at church. I've already decided that I'm not doing anything on Saturday, since I have a busy Friday and a busy Sunday, and I've been really busy on the past few Saturdays.

But on the up side, I don't have to teach children's choir this week, and we aren't having yoga next Monday morning, so I can sleep in on the day after Easter.

Today I want to get back into writing, but I also need to do some frantic reading, as today is the Nebula Awards voting deadline and I haven't finished reading the nominated short stories, novellas, etc.

The book I'm working on took a rather unexpected twist on Friday that may end up changing the plot, so a lot of today's work will involve figuring out how it applies. I like the twist, and it may be a case of me realizing that this is what's been going on all along. I'll need to figure out what the danger/urgency is and how it should be dealt with.

This series has been weird for me in that way. Normally I'm a plotter. I outline the story, and it follows pretty close to that outline. This series meanders, and I end up having to write half the book to figure out what it's about -- and that's after I've done all kinds of plotting and outlining. I keep discovering new things lurking just out of sight and then have to go back and rewrite to work them in. It's a frustrating process for someone who is usually rather linear.

Especially on a day when I kind of just want to nap.

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