Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Happy Book Day to Me!

It's new book day! To Catch a Queen, book 2 in the Fairy Tale series, is out today. It seems to be showing up at most of the major online outlets, in paperback, e-book and audio (well, the paperback isn't quite yet up, but it should show up soon). So go forth and read! (And blog, tweet, Facebook, Goodreads, etc.)

You know, in my listing of crazy stuff this week, that one completely slipped my mind. I really should be doing more publicity.

But instead I spent last night at a Mary Poppins rehearsal. The show is coming together, but still has a way to go. I'm still not entirely sure what part I'm singing, since it's hard to tell where they need the fill-in. It sounds to me like they're weaker on the higher notes, so I've been singing first soprano. But then the second soprano part tends to be invisible, so you only notice it when it's gone.

The cutest thing last night, though, was an adorable little scene stealer. The mom and little sister of the kid playing Michael were watching the rehearsal. The little sister is about three, has bright red hair, and was dressed in an Anna's ballgown (from Frozen) costume, with pink cowboy boots. Her mom was sitting in back, but she sat in the front row, gazing totally rapt at the stage, but then when a big dance number started she got down from her seat and did all the steps -- in some cases, she seemed to have a better grip on the dance numbers than the teenagers did. I'd be tempted to put a chimney sweep costume on her and put her on stage, but then she really would steal the show, and it would probably create a monster.

My contribution to the show may end up being having a solution for Mrs. Banks's hair. The girl playing that role has long, curly hair a lot like mine. She has a big role so isn't doubling up in the chorus, except for the "Step in Time" number, where apparently she's one of a few kids in the cast who can tap dance, so for that one number she has to become a chimney sweep. They were trying to think of a way to hide her hair and keep people from wondering why Mrs. Banks is also a chimney sweep, and I may have a solution, as an expert in long, curly hair. It depends on how she's going to wear her hair as Mrs. Banks. But I can help them with that, too, since I have a lot of ways of putting up long, curly hair.

Meanwhile, I seem to have had my first house-hunting anxiety dream. It actually wasn't that bad a dream, just a weird one. I'd had to resort to buying the one house available that's kind of close to what I want, but not exactly. It's been on the market since December, which is odd in this market where things are selling the day they go on sale, and now the listing is specifying that it needs a new roof and a new air conditioner, which explains it. In the dream, I'd already moved in, but then I kept finding these rooms I didn't know were there. It was like what you see in a really old house that's been added on to over the years, where a porch gets glassed in to become a sun room, and the garage gets finished out to be a room, with a new garage added on, etc. I discovered this whole network of rooms I hadn't known about, and they were still furnished. I learned that the house had been foreclosed and the family had to leave quickly, so they'd had to leave a lot of their stuff behind. Then they showed up and asked if they could take a few mementos, as some scrapbooks and photos had been in the stuff they had to leave. I was encouraging the kids to take their books and feeling really bad for them, but was hoping they didn't want to take the Celtic harps I'd discovered they had in one of those rooms. I'm really not sure what all this indicates about my mindset. This particular house is in my target neighborhood, but I don't like its location, and I really don't want to deal with stuff like needing a new roof. It's way overpriced if that kind of thing needs to be done to it. And I do kind of want a harp. I liked the sun room that I was planning to use as an office.

In short, buy my new book and tell people about it. This house hunting thing is going to be an adventure.

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