Friday, March 20, 2015

Home for the Day

I'm done with musical rehearsals and just have performances to go, which means I have a day to myself today with nowhere to go. And bonus, it's raining! I hope to get some serious writing done. I'm also hoping they work out some of the kinks on opening night because last night was … interesting. They have the chorus and orchestra set up backstage, with microphones on us. Theoretically, we also have monitors that the cast mics are coming through, except that only seemed to be working with a couple of the mics. When we just had the keyboard in earlier rehearsals, we could still hear from the stage, but when we have instruments blasting directly at us, we can't hear anything, and it's nearly impossible to sing backup to someone you can't hear.

But the musicians were pretty cool. They noticed that I was reading Hogfather and had a nice chat about Terry Pratchett and fantasy books in general. I also learned from the woman who's teaching recorders to the older kids in the children's music program (the first through fifth grade kids do a rotation where they do recorders, guitar, and singing) that she couldn't get the kids to shut up long enough for her to teach them anything this week, so it wasn't just me having problems.

There are long gaps between chorus numbers, so I'm getting some good reading time in, using the clip-on light on my music folder. I was knitting during earlier rehearsals, but we're so cramped backstage that it's hard to juggle that, and in the dark it would be even harder since you can't really clip a light to the knitting, and it's hard to hold the folder and knit.

But for today, I think there will be some baking, as I bought ingredients for Irish soda bread for St. Patrick's Day but didn't make it then, and today's more of a bread kind of day. Then I will spend much of today either on the couch downstairs or the chaise upstairs (haven't decided yet), writing, and then Grimm is back tonight, and then I may write some more, or else I'll watch a movie, or read, or just enjoy being home.

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