Friday, March 27, 2015

TV Nerd News

I wrote a very fun "battle" scene yesterday that was all in the subtext, and it was so much fun, but I found myself utterly drained at the end of it. I'm also starting to think that writing Sophie Drake and reading Granny Weatherwax at the same time might be kind of dangerous. They really are two of a kind, just separated by a world, a primary career and a few decades. If I keep this up, soon I'll be expecting the universe to reshape itself around me.

This week, the big nerd news was that they're bringing back The X-Files for a limited run. There was a day when I would have been overjoyed. I was a huge X-Files fan. I went to a convention. I have a coffee mug I won in a trivia contest. I have Cancer Man's autograph. But the show ended up fizzling and squandering a lot of the good feelings I had by really bungling the overall story line, and I've since moved on. I didn't get around to seeing the second movie. In my recent videotape purge, I got rid of the entire series that I'd taped because I haven't watched a single episode in more than ten years. I'm not sure I'll even watch the revival out of curiosity.

Then they announced that next season will be the end of Downton Abbey, and I'm okay with that. I enjoy the series, but it's never been as good as it was in the first season, and I think they're running out of plots because they're repeating themselves. They're also losing cast members left and right, which means some stories don't get developed or concluded. Poor Lady Mary, all her guys seem to want to move on to other things. Or maybe they've figured out that she's actually Susan, Death's granddaughter, in disguise and are fleeing in terror.

It's a lovely spring day so I think there will be writing on the patio this afternoon.

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