Thursday, March 05, 2015

Overdoing the Snow Dance

I might have been a bit overzealous in my sleet dance, and it's possible I got my arms wrong (it happens all the time) and got a bit of snow dance in while I was at it because instead of (possibly in addition to) the 1 inch of sleet/freezing rain we were supposed to get, we got about six inches of snow. It transitioned to snow a lot earlier than they forecast, and it seemed to be falling pretty hard most of the night. A lot of the time, it was blowing horizontally from the north. My front door faces north, so I have a nice snowdrift against my front door.

Either way, I achieved my objective and they cancelled evening activities at the church. Good thing, too, because right at the time children's choir would have ended, the sleet started and there was already a glaze of ice on most surfaces. It was sleeting hard at the time adult choir would have ended. I also got a break on Mary Poppins rehearsals because even if they have a rehearsal tonight, the adults don't have to come. It sounds like the kids are going to be drilled in the scenes they're still having problems with. That means I get another evening of quality time with my sofa, which is good because unless things clear up a lot before tonight, I wouldn't have driven.

So, this is what it looked like just before I went to bed last night:

And this is my patio this morning.

Fortunately, the sun is out and it's supposed to get above freezing this afternoon, so it should be gone by tomorrow.

I didn't do as much writing as I hoped yesterday because it turns out that checking the radar and the weather conditions every five minutes is bad for your productivity (really!). I did review some parts I'd already written, and then I did some research on one thing and realized I've written myself into a bind with something already in the book that was published this week. I had Michael and his partner investigating a death in Central Park, and I'd thought that the precinct that covered that area would also include parts of the surrounding city. But the park is its own precinct, and they must be really bored there because the crime statistics are surprisingly low. It doesn't affect me too much because most of the cases I'd want to cover will be in the park, since the natural areas are where the fairy world and the human world intersect. I don't know if they'd actually have detectives assigned to that precinct, but if they did, I doubt they'd specialize in any one area. So not every case has to be a potential homicide.

Not that most crime shows or mysteries would bother about this. They generally have the hero detective investigating every crime in the city, in all five boroughs. And this is a series about fairies, so realism is already off the table. I just like to make the "real" stuff realistic. Really, all I need is for Mari, Michael's partner, to make a remark about them getting a cushy gig while he's coming back from an injury, and then they can also comment on the unusually high number of dead bodies they're coming across. Seriously, according to the crime stats, Central Park makes Mayberry look like a crime-ridden hellhole.

Now that I've cleared up that detail, maybe I'll get more work done today.

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