Friday, March 06, 2015

Entering the Twitterverse

The snow is mostly gone, except for the drift against the north side of the wall and the tops of the bushes in front of my house. That's one thing I like about Texas snow, when we get it. We get one day of pristine white fluffiness, then it's generally gone practically overnight. We don't get that nasty gray gunk that piles up beside roads and stays for most of the winter like they get in colder climates. Next week it's supposed to be warm and springlike, and I am totally in favor of that, even though I generally like cold, gray weather.

I'm wrapping up the house cleaning project. I'm in the odd state right now where it actually looks a bit messier in places, but that's because the hidden places are now all organized and I just have to figure out what to do with the remaining clutter. Mostly, I need to throw it away, but getting the trash out has been a challenge lately. Now that the ice and snow are gone, I can make trips to the dumpster.

I have decided that, budget permitting, when I get a new house I'll get a maid service to do a monthly deep clean. That will force me to keep clutter under control all the time, since I'm the sort of person who cleans up before the maid comes. I think it may even be cost-effective in the long run because I'm terrible at the ongoing serious maintenance type stuff, and it's cheaper to hire someone to, say, give the floors a really good cleaning every month than to replace the floors.

In other news, I have finally taken the Twitter plunge. You can find me as @ShannaSwendson (yeah, I know, creative). I don't know how active or interactive I will be because I find it all very overwhelming, and terse wit is not my strong suit. I still need to figure out stuff about how hashtags really work and who I need to be following, and getting followers, and all that. Mostly it's an experiment for now.

And you can blame Taylor Swift. Why? Well, I had a bizarre dream the other night that I ran into Taylor Swift at some event, she took a selfie of us and posted it on Twitter, and then suddenly my book sales skyrocketed. I'm not entirely sure why I would dream about her because I'm not a fan. I'm not sure I'd recognize one of her songs. I might be able to pick her out of a lineup, but possibly not if she wasn't labeled and if she was alongside other young women of that type. It may have had something to do with a story about her on the news that evening, in which she did a Facetime call with a little girl with cancer who was a big fan.

Anyway, upon waking I realized that I'm not likely to just randomly run into huge celebrities who can boost my career. I have to take more steps on my own. Facebook has gone for the money grab, so you have to pay to have anyone see posts other than through your personal account. On Twitter, you do stand a slightly larger chance of having someone with a huge following retweet you or otherwise boost you. So, we'll see how this goes. I can see it becoming a huge time sink. If it doesn't do me much good, I'm giving myself permission to abandon it.

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