Thursday, March 19, 2015

Just a Spoon Full of Arsenic ...

Yep, yesterday was pretty much a lost day. My thinker was broken, so no real writing happened. I did work on music and did some lesson planning. But after choir rehearsal I just went home instead of going to the musical rehearsal. I was losing my voice and there was less than an hour left, so I figured it was better to rest and be ready for dress rehearsal tonight. I had nothing left after dealing with the kindergarteners, who were being little pills. One or two were being little sociopaths. Our teen helper had knee surgery last month. She's back to walking, but she's not at full strength, and these little demons were slamming into her legs and trying to pull her down to the ground. She asked them not to do that. It didn't deter them. I stepped in and explained that she just had surgery and they were hurting her, that it wasn't fun and this wasn't playing. A couple of them went right back to doing it. I then declared that all people in the room were lava, so no one could touch anyone else. That sort of helped, but then there were those going around and deliberately touching others so they could burn them. And there was the usual running around and screaming instead of listening. I think I'm going to be horribly cruel next week and line up chairs and make them sit, like in a regular choir rehearsal. That's what they'll get next year, anyway. If they're good, they may be allowed to use those chairs for musical chairs at the end of class, but otherwise, we may sit, since we have a song we'll need to sing in church the following Sunday. I just have six more sessions. We'll see if I survive.

Or if they survive. I'm re-reading Hogfather now because that's a "Susan as governess" book, with a fair amount of spoofing Mary Poppins, and I figure that's appropriate reading for backstage during Mary Poppins. I'm also getting ideas for dealing with kids, but I don't think I can get away with threatening to tie their elbows together behind their ears. These kids wouldn't even listen long enough to realize I was threatening them, and if they did, it would just give them ideas for what to do to each other. Incidentally, today is Terry Pratchett's birthday, according to my Facebook notifications. I think I have sent birthday greetings in the past, but it seems a little weird to do so now.

Today I hope to get back to writing, since I have an idea for something that should have happened in the last scene I wrote. And I need to figure out how this new thing I've figured out affects the overall plot. Then I will have my final rehearsal (yay!). I'm also going to run my errands today so I don't have to leave the house at all tomorrow.

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