Monday, September 08, 2014

The Week Ahead

My weekend passed in something of an allergy fog blur. For instance, there's a conversation I had Saturday that I remembered yesterday, but I couldn't remember who I had it with until this morning. I remembered the details and the action item that came out of it, but there was this weird blur over the face of the person I was talking to. I tried mentally plugging in everyone I could think of, and the actual person never occurred to me (and was really the most obvious one). By Sunday, I was a little worried about going to church because my eyes were so red and watery that I looked like I either had a raging case of pinkeye or had been on a serious bender the night before. Fortunately, that cleared up after an afternoon dose of Benadryl, but this morning I still have that tired, foggy feeling, and I have some lovely dark circles under my eyes. I love fall, but fall really hates me and tries to make me suffer as much as possible.

Today's task is a bunch of research reading and doing some editing on the flap copy for the steampunk book. This is my first "flap" copy as opposed to "cover" copy, since on a paperback they put the description on the back cover, but on a hardcover it goes on the inside front flap. I guess I'm moving up in the world. I can't wait to share this cover when I get a final version (I've just seen what's essentially a paste-up without the high-res graphics).

This week's fun is starting my new children's choir. I think I know most of the kids already, and most of them know me. I get back my geeky Doctor Who fan teen helper, and I get a new one -- the pastor's daughter, so I guess I have to be on my best behavior. As if I wasn't already. I can't make jokes about duct taping the kids to the wall anyway because there's a day care center in this area that just got busted for duct taping kids to their nap mats. When it really happens, the joke isn't funny anymore. I also go back to regular chancel choir rehearsals. Summer really is over and I'm back to my "school year" schedule.

And then we get the season premiere of Haven on Thursday. I'm frantically marathoning season 4 to get ready. I don't remember liking last season that much when it was on, but I'm surprised by how much I enjoy each episode as I rewatch it. We're getting a real fall cold front that day, which should help in setting the appropriate viewing mood, as long as I don't lose power in any storms that come with the front (they're mostly talking rain and cooler temperatures, but this is Texas, so storms are a possibility).

So, that's my week.

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