Thursday, September 18, 2014

Decisions, Decisions

I'm working on cover designs, and wow, but it's hard -- and I'm not even doing the work. I'm just choosing between options and offering feedback. So many choices! And is what I like what will really look best and sell best? We've settled on a font, and now I'm trying to pick a color and style. I'm leaving the options up on my screen to look at every so often and see what strikes me.

Weirdly, I keep wanting my name printed smaller. It just looks weird in huge type. I guess that means I'd better never be a bestseller whose name gets printed bigger than the title.

And I need to come up with a name for the whole series, since it's smart to do that up front and control it and then brand all the books rather than to figure it out after the fact after people have already decided what to call it. So far, everything I've come up with has been way too "high fantasy" instead of contemporary fantasy. Though I guess this is kind of a blend of high fantasy and contemporary fantasy.

I had a good session with the choir kids last night. They were still a little crazy, and there was one kid who was just so tired he started crying, but I actually ran out of time for things I wanted to get done, which is better than running out of activities while there's still time left. I found one game they kind of liked, so we may do that one again (playing something kind of like Simon Says with the body scale -- the notes go up and down depending on whether your hands are on your knees, waist, shoulders or head). I was able to use my in-depth knowledge of Disney Princesses to get one little girl to feel better about being there. She was sulking because she didn't want to come, but then she lit up when I asked her about her Frozen pin and we started talking about our favorite princesses. That warmed her up to the point she started participating.

We also got our new choir director last night. He used to be in our choir before he got a job directing the choir at another church, so we already knew him, and I think he's going to be a lot of fun as director. We seem to have the same taste in music, which is good.

Now to go make up some cookie dough, research a book, brainstorm tag lines, start fine-tuning a plot and choose a cover design. It's a busy work day.

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