Friday, September 05, 2014

Going Global

Wow, the ragweed hit me like a brick mid-morning yesterday. Even with allergy drugs, it was a non-stop sneezefest. Today it's a little more under control. I just have the grogginess and fatigue but without so much sniffling and sneezing.

Even so, I got some work done yesterday. I managed a good amount of research reading and came up with a few ideas. And I even did a little business stuff. I talked myself out of a grocery excursion this morning because I realized I was just going to get things for making tonight's planned dinner, and I don't really feel like cooking tonight's planned dinner. Instead, I have some pesto I made yesterday (the basil was getting out of control) and I'll throw that in with some pasta. I also need to make a peach cobbler because the peaches are now teetering on the verge between "ripe" and "bad" (and yesterday they were firmly at "not ripe"). That's assuming I manage to stay awake long enough to do any of this.

I've been remiss in posting this because I forgot to follow up and see if it was all actually up and working, but those outside North America should now be able to buy legal (non-pirated) digital English versions of the first four books in the Enchanted, Inc. series. They should be available in your local version of Amazon and other e-book retailers like Kobo. The contract with Random House was for North America only, and all the foreign sales have been for translation, so the only way for English readers to get the books outside the US and Canada was to get imported hard copies (or pirated versions). But now we've made the digital versions in English available worldwide. The content should be more or less identical, though the layout/typesetting had to be redone. The cover art is mostly the same, though the covers and cover text are slightly different (we couldn't just take the stuff Random House did). We set the prices to match the US versions, but booksellers and local taxes and fees may alter that. So, now you can get your non-American, non-Canadian English-reading friends hooked. Tell the folks you know in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, etc., or anyone else who reads English. I'm global, baby!

And now I need to research overseas book blogs and maybe do some PR, but that should probably wait until I'm a little more coherent. I'm barely communicating in English at the moment.

Usually it's the first whammy of ragweed season that hits me hard and makes me useless, and then the drugs kick in and my body gets a little more used to it and I'm more functional. The season started a bit earlier this year, so I'm hoping to get the whammy out of the way before the fall stuff I want to do gets started.

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