Monday, September 29, 2014

Post-convention Slugfest

With the end of FenCon, I think my conventioning is over for the year. I do have fun at these, and it's my chance to feel almost kind of sort of famous (except when I'm in tech crew mode and am doing such glamorous things as climbing ladders and hanging things from the ceiling), but they're also a drain, even aside from the physical labor. I thought this would be an "easy" year for me because my programming schedule was pretty light, but somehow I still ended up busy, in part because of the "PR director" role, in which I was facilitating interviews with some of our guests of honor. It was probably a good thing I was doing that, because it was about the only interaction I had with most of our guests, aside from telling Timothy Zahn where to set something down when he pitched in after the hotel disregarded our contract and we suddenly needed to move everything out of the main programming room an hour and a half before we were supposed to.

I would like to be a slug for the day, but I have to make a quick grocery run, and I have to do some business-related stuff, as well as do some laundry.

And then I will be a slug.

I don't even have the brainpower at the moment to do any kind of convention report. I'll have to organize my thoughts. So expect a return to normal posting later in the week, depending on how the jury duty goes. My dream scenario is to spend the morning reading in the central jury room before I get sent home. But that's never happened to me in criminal court. They have such a huge caseload and such a huge no-show rate that just about everyone gets used, and some who are sent up for one trial and not selected get sent back down to wait to be sent up again. Second-best scenario would be to get sent up later in the morning, only to have the defendant accept a plea bargain while the potential jurors are still waiting outside the courtroom, and then they send the potential jurors home from there. I will be extremely happy if I can avoid setting foot in a courtroom.

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