Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Daydream Vacation

I'm in pre-convention panic mode, in which I realize that there are probably lots of media outlets I didn't get convention info to, plus I need to prepare promo material, reading stuff, questions for panels I'm moderating, decide what to wear, pack, etc. But when it comes to my convention PR job, I figure that the convention will happen regardless of how well or poorly I do my job. The difference is in how many people show up, and I'm not even sure that good PR makes that big a difference because I don't think that most convention attendees learn about conventions via traditional media or even online calendars. So, time to de-stress and focus on other stuff, like getting cookies baked and getting supplies for the weekend, plus an emergency yarn run.

And then there's children's choir tonight, so I need lesson plans. At least the laundry is already taken care of, so I have that out of the way.

Meanwhile, there's my regular work, which includes coming up with a series title that's catchy and marketable. Right now, my brain isn't doing "catchy." Really, right now my brain is struggling with "remember to breathe."

I'm already planning that next weekend -- maybe even starting Thursday morning after choir on Wednesday night -- will be a writing retreat/staycation. I know that sounds contradictory in that it implies work while relaxing, but it's more of a brainstorming thing. The trick is to get relaxed enough that the ideas start to flow. I think I have too much going on right now for real creativity to happen. As soon as the thought process starts, then suddenly the to-do list pops up and reminds me of other things that need to be done.

I never got around to making arrangements for that real vacation I was talking about. I sent off for that location's vacation planning guide and never received anything, so I guess they don't want me there. I have a very bad habit of planning all the details of a trip and then daydreaming about it until it's so vivid that I feel like I've already gone, and without the expense, time and effort of actually going. Now there's another location I could get a reasonably decent hotel rate for, though it also involves air travel, and I'm kind of tempted. It would be more of a splurge, but also possibly more tiring. And now I'll visualize that trip and never actually take it.

But before I start a daydream vacation, I'd better get all of today's to-do tasks done.

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